Friday, March 24, 2017

Stream: "2AM Chinatown" by Julian Jasper

Los Angeles based psych-popper, Julian Jasper is on the cusp of releasing his first EP, 2AM Chinatown on Misra Records in May.

Until then check out the first two tracks below. Make sure to check in with him on Facebook.

LP Review: "Season of the Witch" by John 5 and the Creatures

Season of the Witch
Let's ignore the elephant in the room. That elephant is an annoying hipster and will go away if drink enough American Lagers.

Being a fan of an artist, in some ways, feels like being their parent.

Personally, I'm always hoping for what's best for the folks whose records I buy, spin, review, etc. The better they do, the better the world is for their music.

It's hard to watch some of them stumble and fall while making the same mistakes they have made in the past. Fans can only stand on the side mute while the choices are made.

In the end though, for me, it's important to watch these people grow and change. Granted, I'm a bit different in that regard. There's a reason why Carnival of Souls and Music From The Elder are my favorite Kiss records and why AC/DC barely merits a notice in my music library....

Thursday, March 23, 2017


It's been quite awhile since we've heard anything out of the NØMADS camp. That makes this particular release a welcome respite from the not wacky music.

They're releasing single after single leading up to their 2018 vinyl release of PHØBIAC.

Interview: War Brides

War Brides
War Brides are on the cusp of releasing the new album, Regrets via Triple Eye Industries.

Theirs is the kind of music that combines hardcore with melody. They were kind enough to stop by the International  Headquarters of Glacially Musical Bldg B in Kenosha, WI to give us some info on what's up.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time for us today!

War Brides: No problem man. Thanks for reaching out.

GM: Let's start at the beginning. Tell me about the name War Brides and where it came from.

WB: It was Justin's idea before he was even part of the band. It was fairly recent after Tristan joined the band, and we were in need.

I think he was in a history class and the topic of war brides from the first World War -- women who'd marry these guys that would get shipped out soon after, and sometimes not come back -- was discussed. Real captivating and tragic stuff.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Video: "The Fuzz And All That They Feed" by Port Erin

Let's have ourselves a modern rock video by the lads in Port Erin. They hail all the way across the pond in the West Country of the United Kingdom.

Here's their latest single, The Fuzz And All That They Feed from their upcoming album, Ocean Grey.Hit them up on Facebook or snag some music on Bandcamp.

Don't forget to check out their tour dates, posted below.

LP Review: "The Four Days of the Mind" by Dynfari

The Four Days of the Mind
Now that your friend and humble narrator is older, it's easy to say that High School sucked.

Well as I was well read and poorly dressed in high school, it was easy then to say it sucked.  High School, mine anyway, showcased the absolute worst in American society.

Riches were prized. Attractiveness was a premium. What was nominally valued was the quality of the human being that was underneath the money and clothes.

It was easy to be above all of that during the time. Because then, like now, I wasn't attractive. There were no riches in my household.

I was also poorly dressed as my family didn't put a large premium on designer clothing. Though I hated that at the time, I don't much care for them now. Ironic isn't it? Not Darth Plagueis The Wize level irony, but still. (See why I wasn't popular?)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Interview: Transona 5 Digs Up The Past

Transona 5 (Or Transona Five)
Recently, we were lucky enough to get a copy of the long forgotten collected works of Transona 5 on vinyl via Sonic Surgery Records. (Check out the review HERE if you missed it!)

This is a band whose music was released on CD way back when on small record labels that have since closed up shop. Because of that, they were kind of lost to time, but a fan who happens to own a record label, decided he was going to bring their music back to the masses.

In fact he started an entire label just to put out their music. Well, they stopped by the Glacially Musical Sponsorship Tower Sub-basement in order to set the records straight.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time to speak to me today.

Chris Anderson: We’re very happy to do it.

Rachel Smith: Hi. Thanks for asking us.

Annika Sparkles: *waves*

GM: Tell me about the origins of the band. How did Transona Five come about?

CA: Chris Foley and I had been friends for a while sharing a deep love of music, and one time while I was visiting him where he was working for the summer in St. Mary, Montana we got to talking about putting a band together once he returned to Texas. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

LP Review: "Exorkizein" by Possession

Dear Scandinavia,

I accept that you are by far the most metal region in the entire world, or at least you're peopled with the most metal musicians. Honestly, places like Detroit, Berkeley, New York City, and my hometown, St. Louis are more brutal and metal than you.

As has been said many times on here and twitter, I don't like your primary metal export. Scandinavian Black Metal...well I find it to be rather aptly named.

The breaking of the fantasy with the killings, the burnings, and whatever other crimes many of the forefathers have committed just to be metal turn me off.

It seems to me that you fellows have come up with a great, but unfinished idea. Lots of other bands have been able to take your framework for metal and turn it into a beautifully ugly serenade.

Please keep an eye on what the rest of the world has done with your art.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Double Vinyl Review: "otherworld" by eviL tripLet

Please allow me to wax nostalgic for a moment. To most of my readers, and to my most frequent contributor Danny, Glacially Musical seems like an extremely glamorous endeavor!

Well, there was a time in the past, most likely before you ever read the words on this page when I was simply writing about the music I discovered rather than brand new music from the labels, artists, and management folks themselves.

You may notice that this year already has more posts than the first two combined and I'll top number three in a matter of weeks. As we barrel towards our 1,000th post, let me tell you a bit about what it's like to be the gatekeeper of this most prestigious and world renowned blog.

It's world renowned because I get sent stuff from literally every hemisphere. Often times not even swearwords directed at me. When this whole thing started, it was me writing about the music I purchased. So, there were very little negative things to say, because I typically vet my purchases quite well.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Video: "Bleak Prognosis" by Hemotoxin

Hemotoxin has a brand new for their track Bleak Prognosis.

Check it out below. Hit them up on Facebook or order the album HERE.

LP Review: "Black Magic" by Alastor

Black Magic
The hardest thing for a lot of people is being able to stay composed under duress.

For myself, it's kind of a super power. In less than a second, Crisis Nik can come to the fore.  Being as normally, your friend and humble narrator, is a rather silly person, it's a shock to people when they see this for the first time.

It's something that has been very, very useful over the years. My entire demeanor changes. No longer, is it possible to be distracted. My focus becomes laser focused onto the issue at hand.

This is even the case in issues regarding my family. We all have emergencies in the family from time to time. Being able to stay calm, focused, and composed is really useful. Now, what's harder is when it's about music. You may  have noticed I play a bit of guitar.

Truth be told, I'm more of a guitar owner than a player.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Interview: Dakhma

Lately, Black Metal seems to be seeping into the music that I review. For many years, I was adamant about not being a fan of Black Metal.

One thing about Black Metal today is the American scene has really changed it up. There's a large, in my opinion, influence from Doom Metal which makes the American Black Metal fresh, new, and more palatable to my tastes.

Recently we did a vinyl review on Dakhma's Suna Kulto. Now it's time to learn more about the band. They were good enough to shed some light on their darkness.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time for me today.

Dakhma: Hey! Thanks for showing interest in us!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

LP Review: "Anatomy of Loss" by The Crawling

Anatomy of Loss
Before I go to sleep at night, reading is typically the last thing I do. The current book is Don't Try This At Home by Dave Navarro.

There was a conversation in that book about Steve Vai.

Mr. Vai is a very divisive figure in the musical world. That's not to be meant as an insult. It's just that there are a few camps here.

Many folks, even some instrumental bands I've interviewed, have said how do you connect to Steve Vai?

The prevailing opinion amongst them is that Vai is simply flexing his muscles for 90 minutes each night.

Well this is something that a goodly number of metal bands do each night. There's the constant blast beats that run concurrently with the unchanging demonic vocals. Distort the bass from note one and what we have is a preening tosser on the beach.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Guest Post: Heavy Metal Manifesto by Jordan Smith of Drude

It's hard to say what actually first got me interested in heavy music. I luckily had several positive influences as a young kid who guided me to at least scratch the surface of the genre.

However, the first metal album I ever purchased with my own money is still one that I revisit from time to time. That album is The Bleeding by Cannibal Corpse.

It was early 2001 and I was 12 years old. Up until this point GWAR and Metallica were the only heavier bands I had ever delved into and even that was limited to a couple burned CDs (that)I had gotten from my brother and a VHS copy of GWAR's Phallus in Wonderland

Two or three years prior, while on vacation, I had convinced my parents to buy me a copy of ...And Justice For All that was for sale at a truck stop along the road between Illinois and West Virginia. 

I listened to that album religiously for the better part of two years and couldn't get enough. That was the first album I chose to ask for. As far as the first album I purchased with my own money, I have no one to thank other than Jim Carrey. 

Album Review: "Eternal Oblivion" by Moonlight Prophecy

Yngwie Malmsteen may have popularized the genre of the neoclassical guitar shred fest, but he wasn't the last guitarist to ascend to such lofty heights.
Malmsteen was Swedish, which should come as a surprise no one familiar with that country's uncanny ability to produce legendary rock musicians.  However, the latest in the line of six string wizard's is Philadelphia's own Lawrence Wallace.  Wallace's latest project is one man band Moonlight Prophecy.
Wallace seamlessly blends classical music inspired guitar playing with the aggressive melodies of modern thrash metal with stunning results. This is what I imagine it would sound like if Dragonforce's Herman Li joined Testament. Blazing melodic solos over aggressive thrash metal riffs.