Monday, February 27, 2017

Stream: "Spewing Disgust" by Demonsmoke

Recently, one of the boys in Demonsmoke caught up with me on Facebook. They've got an album coming up soon and wanted me to check it out.

So check out their first single and the album drops in May-ish(?).

Get with them on Facebook and purchase the single HERE.

EP Review: "Murder EP" by Hollow Leg

Murder EP
Any time we head to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, we always get an order of Vietnamese Golden Egg Rolls.

These are just glorious. They are very skinny egg rolls that are deep fried and served with a translucent red dipping sauce. Anyone who gets Vietnamese food and doesn't order this is like someone who gets Thai food without ordering Chicken Satay.

In simpler terms: You're doing it wrong. It's like going to McDonalds on MacRib day and getting a double cheeseburger.

The appetizer is a lovely little course in terms of what should end up being a very good meal.

For myself, appetizers serve a wonderful purpose, by giving me a small snack, not only is my appetite whetted, but my blood sugar is sated. It's kind of a strange position, whetted and sated at the same time.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Straight To Hell" Maxi Single by Horace Andy

Straight To Hell
Years ago, my friends and I stood on the lawn at our local amphitheater, what was then known as, Riverport Amphitheater. It's since been renamed twice.

No matter how many name changes the place undergoes, those of us in St. Louis will always call it by the nee, Riverport.

On this particular hot, summer evening, my friend, his younger brother, and I were watching Reggae Sunsplash 1994. This was my first serious exposure to this genre of music.

Maxi Priest headlined the show that year, at least that's what my faded memory tells me about the summer of my 18th year. For the rest of the summer, anything reggae to us was Maxi-whatever.

Robert Guillaume in The Lion King became known as Maxi-Monkey to us. It would seem that this evening was transformative, but like many things, it was temporary.

It's unclear why because that night, attempting to do the electric slide, listening to amazing dance music, and having the time of our young lives has stuck with me more than two decades later.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Video: "Horoscope" by Frederick The Younger

Here's the first single from Frederick The Younger's debut LP, Human Child. They're currently on tour in the Midwest.

Buy the album HERE and connect with them on FACEBOOK.

Upcoming Tour Dates
2/23 - Chicago, IL - Elbo Room (w/ Quiet Hollers)
3/02 - MOTR - Cincinnati, OH
3/04 - Neenah, WI - Short Branch Saloon
3/23 - Knoxville, TN - Barleys
3/30 - Bloomington, IN - The Bishop (w/ Wax Fang)
3/31 - Grand Rapids, MI - Mulligans Pub
4/07 - New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall
4/08 - Philadelphia, PA - Ortliebs

LP Review: "Trance of Death" by Venenum

Trance of Death
Recently it became increasingly obvious to me that I was not nearly well versed in Pink Floyd. Certainly, we all know the big ones, but how many "fans" know their earlier, more off the wall works?

Well, that's a big part of this, off the record, journey with Pink Floyd. They have a long and winding catalog that needs to be fully explored.

Those crazy chaps from England have something on the entire rest of the world. They never stopped and never stood still. Every single one of their albums sounds wholly different than what came before it.

In order to be able to do that, the band must have a wider array of paints from which to choose. Look at Metallica? It wasn't until Cliff Burton was in the band that they were able to jump forward, but even then, the loss of Mustaine and the gain of Burton kind of canceled each other out. It wasn't until their fourth album that they really began growing wings.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Artist Playlist: Escape Is Not Freedom

Alice in Chains - "Junkhead"

Early Alice In Chains had the perfect combination of heavy and melody. This song encapsulates that really well. It's also a great example of how talented of a vocalist Layne Staley really was.


Album Revew: "Het Gebeente" by Ande

I  have recently been involved in recording of a one man black metal band.  Not from the creative side, although hopefully this will be the case in the near future, but strictly from the prespective of providing the necessary recording equipment and operating Garageband.  It has been really fun to watch the creative genius of the musician I am recording as he builds black metal majesty right before my eyes.  Although my wife is not entirely pleased with the demonic shrieks emanating from the basement, the experience has granted me a new prespective and appreciation for how a band such as Ande might have created such an album.

Ande is also a one man black metal band hailing from Belgium. The album title, as illustrated by the brilliant cover art, translates to "The Bones".  Ande is clearly well versed in the history of black metal, as the album serves as a journey through the sonic history of the genre.  The band's vision, as filtered through the mind of its lone creator, is clear, concise and dark.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Video: "The Fallen" by Arduini/Balich

Arduini/Balich have released their latest video for The Fallen. I would think many of my readers would be ready for an epic ten minute slab of metal.

Because I always am! Check out the video below. As always, find them on Facebook and PREORDER their upcoming album, Dawn of Ages coming out on Cruz Del Sur Records.

LP Review: "Retreat" by The Knitts

It's about as common as any sight in these United States. How many times have you been watching a movie about the beautiful, Swinging 60's and there was some fictional band all over the movie?

There's one flick that my wife and I watched featuring James Gandolfini vehicle that has never left my consciousness, Not Fade Away.

Certainly, this is not a recommended use of your precious two hours. This movie will leave you confused, annoyed, and wishing you had your two hours back.

Like a thousand other cinema "classics," this one features a fictional band and the viewer sees them from the beginning to the breakup. As is the standard, no one who watches this movie will want to hear anything else of this band, but what about The Rutles, The Wonders, or the unflappable Spinal Tap?

People wanted to keep hearing from that last band.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stream: "Saffron" From "Stone & Skin" by Thera Roya

Recently, we reviewed Stone and Skin by the Thera Roya.

Granted, the year is young, but this has been one of the best avant-garde metal releases of the calendar year.

Connect on Facebook or buy the album on Bandcamp.

Interview: The Riven "Hopefully All Of These Nonsense Stops Soon!

The Riven
The world of music is growing and changing in ways that it never has before.

It's hard to explain to my daughter that there was a time when we didn't have music on our phones, or that our phones only were used to make phone calls without seeing our grandparents on the screens which of course they didn't even have.

I tried to explain my childhood to her one day, and she said, you mean you didn't even have records back then! That made it even harder, but it's kind of the point.

Unlike musicians in the pre-recorded era or musicians in earlier times, the vast majority of humans have access to basically all of the world's recorded music, one way or another. (Hopefully the way where you go buy it.)

So, bands that are no longer top of the pops can be major influences on people who weren't even born during their heydays.

With that, we have The Riven.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Guest Post: How To Get Noticed by Curtis Dewar

What to include in your album submission

A common error that I see bands going the “do it yourself” promotion route is a failure to include any information whatsoever about them. 

No bio, no album credits, nothing. I’ve had some bands tell me that they want “the music to speak for itself” or to “maintain a mystique” but in reality this is just a cop out for being lazy and unprofessional.

While I can understand wanting the music to speak for itself, the thing is that at least a little bit of information needs to be sent along with the album itself. While you may not feel that you have the skills to write a fancy bio yourself, you can minimally include the following info:


This is important so that the publication in question knows if your music is even suitable for them. If a metal journalist takes the time to download your album and then finds out that you’ve sent them a rap album that journalist is going to be pissed off.

LP Review: "Dancing On Your Grave" by The Matinee

Dancing On Your Grave
This morning on the way into the office, The Nerdist Podcast was playing in my car. As is his wont, Chris Hardwick was talking to a musician and he was giving his thoughts on the psychology of Americans and why we love what songs we do.

One of Hardwick's common refrains is that we tie experiences to music.

So, let's go full disclosure on the sophomore release by British Columbia's, The Matinee.

This past weekend, your friend and humble narrator was finally able to ditch his conventional engined Honda Civic for a new (to him) Toyota Prius.

Yup. After years of wishing and months of research, I became a hybrid car owner and the feeling of smugness has only been wiped off by the loaner car that was handed to me while they fix up the Prius.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Abominable" by Telekinetic Yeti

About 18 months ago, a close friend of mine and I were on a jaunt to eat ramen burgers. This was after our recent vacation where I had the opportunity to get ramen in Japanese restaurants in Hawaii, my favorite part of the trip honestly.

Afterwards we were sitting in the bar having a beer or two. We were talking about all make an manner of things in our lives. Randomly I blurted out, I'm way into doom metal these days.

Now, my buddy is a huge fan of music, but he's hardly metal. We did spend a fun night at Iron Maiden a few years back, but that was an anomaly rather than a staple.

So, frankly, he just laughed at my expression of devotion for a certain sub-genre of metal and since then my love of the lighter side of metal, along with the more extreme side, has really grown.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Video: "Approaching Cauldron of Horror" by Invasion

From their latest album, Destroyer of Mankind, Indiana's Invasion have dropped their latest video, Cauldron of Horror.

The album can be purchased on HERE on CD. Hit the band up on Facebook and check out the video below!